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Monday, October 23, 2006

I found this great piece in Jolie Magazine which is so great. I read it one day when I was feel "fab".I thought I would share it with my beautiful blogging friends!

Why not..
...Surrender your desires.
...Toot your own horn.You should be your biggest admirer!
...Wear you sexist lingerie to bed,even if you are alone.
...Buy the shoes,life's too short.
...Indulge in day of pampering at the spa.
...Visit a exotic location.
...Order appetizer and dessert.
...Set a sexy mood with music and candles,undres, then caress and explore every nerve and curve.Make sure to whisper your own damn name!!

Is hot in here?Lol!

Have a great day!




Elle* on 11:53 AM said...

I really liked this mag. I subscribed b/c I liked it so much but now they have me highly annoyed because their customer service sucks. I have not received the latest issue that was released two months ago! I call, but I always get an answering service. I left my info, still no call back...And I've sent three emails...Still nothing....

rebelleBAP on 2:49 PM said...

I had that problem with Lucky one time...bought subscription and never received it. Now I have a THREE year subscription for $12 for it. Ha!

You know when you pay for something that should be mailed to youor you paid by mail and it was never mailed, that's consider mail fraud. keep all you emails and contant the postal service.