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Beauty Wishes for 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007

I've been thinking of my New Year's beauty"wishes" since reading Annie's of at Blogdorf Goodman. Here's mine:

* I wish for a Flagship Bath and Body Works to magically appear in Greenville-The closest one is in Columbia

*That I don't get swaplifted on the MUA this year-I've only been swaplifted twice.

*I wish to finally get back over to Potion in Charlotte for more Becca-That's a closest place I can touch it.

*To own a Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick-I needs the real "thing"!

*Finally get over to the CCO(Company Cosmetics Outlet) @ "The Yellow Mall" AKA Prime Outlets in Gaffney

*Seek and Find more cute beauty boutiques in the Upstate South Carolina area-I've got Divas On Main and Z Gallery on the list.

*To have whiten teeth courtesy of a home whitening kit that works-

*To live a beauty organization-My makeup and bath and body stuff are in a complete chaotic disarray

*Finally visit an Ulta.


Butterfly BAP on 5:12 PM said...

Jamie, I have a shimmer brick in Peony. IMHO, I think they are way overrated. I don't think that they have enough "pigment" to really show up on me.