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Friday Night...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last night,I went to see Daddy's Little Girls. You know, I love a Tyler Perry/Madea Play ( I have them, all including the movies) so I was exicited to see a non-Madea movie and see what Mr.Perry had up his sleeve. Now, I'm not Entertainment Weekly so don't get on me for my reviewing skills. I thought it was good but was unfinished. Unfinished like a granite rock not a pebble stone that's mostly smooth. The story was easy to follow but needed more attention to detail that's what made it unfinished.

For instance, the character that Idris"Fine Ass" Elba( oh, he was beautiful!) plays is a hard working father trying win custody of his children from his hoochie mama baby's mama played by Tyra Banks BFF Tasha Smith(who's acting was kinda campy). Okay, the only thing that movie gives ou is that they are parents to their kids, its doesn't give enough background on their past relationship which could explain how things became to be. Another example, Gabrielle Union's friends played by Terri J.Vaughn and Tracee Ellis Ross are always trying to set her up on a blind date and they mention that they went to college( I know they said she went to an Ivy League college) together. Okay, what college? Details like what college could give me personally insight on the dynamic of the friendship. Little stuff like that is what makes things finished for me. Now go see it...It's cute. Plus it had some yummy fashion like:

Gabrielle Union- she plays an attorney and wears some great tailored pieces but with a little youth and fun. Her wardrobe is not stuffy at all. She carries during the movie a Navy Chloe Paddington bag and her hair is styled in beautiful cropped fat ringlets. Plus she looks like she is wearing a highlighter or a bronzer so her skin looks great. There is one scene she's got on this khaki/tan jacket cinched with a wide brown belt. It was very Michael Kors-esque.

Malinda Williams- she plays G.Union's assistant and repping in fashion like they do in the ATL. Every thing she had on was an "outfit", the shoes matched the top matched the earrings matched the bag. And the haircut...bad...ladies....bad!



yummy411 on 2:03 PM said...

aww.. i loved this movie!when i saw it, the first thing i thought was that i had to blog about it. so look for my review soon!

rebelleBAP on 3:20 PM said...

kia- for some reference:ck out the new Black Hair mag with Gabby Union on front. It gives a full story on the inspiration behind her makeup for the movie. I read it after I posted.:)

yummy411 on 12:02 AM said...

ooh good stuff.. i'll check it out!
thanks j!