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Saturday Swinging or Swangin'(if you are SC)...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So today I went to Haywood Mall in Greenville. I love that mall,I'll drive an hour on I-85 "hell"a-state to get to it. It has all the characteristics and some of the stores of SouthPark Mall in Charlotte( It's a Simon Mall too) but without the "I'm rich, bitch" aura. You can go into Haywood and not feel bad because you are not carrying a designer bag or driving a Benz and you still get great stores and shopping. Here's some highlights:

MAC Counter at Belk's-I wasn't overwhelmed with "need"or crazy in love with any of the Barbie for MAC stuff I saw. But thought it was very pretty and fun. I think I want lipglasses in Happening Gal and Malibu Barbie. And I might join the bidding war on Ebay for a special edition MAC Barbie. I did score a couple of fold-out Barbie postcards for my MAC postcard collection. I did see a oldie but goodie Ruby Woo that I want again.

The Body Shop- I loved The Body Shop when I worked in SouthPark so I have to go in the one Haywood when I'm there. I "need"the Neroli Jasmine and Rougeberry(notes:Top Notes: raspberry, tangerine and apple. Middle Notes: heliotrope, rose, violet and peach. Base Notes: musk, amber, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and sugared almond) eau de perfumes for the spring/summer. They smell like nothing you'll ever smell. Plus I sampled some men's fragrances I liked.

Williams and Sonoma- I could live and breathe in there. It's a foodie's paradise and they are always stuffing something down your throat when you go in. Today, they were trying to pimp into buying some Udon noodles. Already got some, peeps. I plotted on a 10-piece glass bowl set for my new place that the boys and I are moving to in May.

Victoria's Secret-saw the new Beauty Rush Body products and LE Insatiable stuff in Hazelnut and Chocolate Covered Berries. I "need" that Chocolate Covered Berries Body Lotion.



MCNALS said...

i wasn't that impressed with the barbie loves mac @ haywood either...although i did put the liquid black liner on the back of my hand and it stayed on forever!!! now i want it...although it was pretty goopy, but i am amazed with the staying power

rebelleBAP on 2:55 PM said...

I saw that liner of one of MAC SA's, she was wearing with the green shadow. I didn't test though. I might go back this week.

I saw some Harujuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani bags and tops and Michael Kors Island @ TJMaxx Friday Night.:)

MCNALS said...

Hahah saw those last week... the cosmetics area was kinda pitiful so I'm hoping that will mean they get more soon....
they still have that bottle of Paris Hilton's "Just me"...and that Raquel Welsh "hair u wear" wig stuff which made me laugh(britney needs that now)
Someone on blogdorf said they saw Marc Jacobs bags @ TJ MAXX..Ever since then I have been on a faithful hunt, ..... :):)

rebelleBAP on 3:16 PM said...

megan... have you been to the Marshall's/Home goods on Woodruff road? It's pretty hot. and every once in a while Marshall's out @ Hillcrest will have somethings.