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Review and Haulage...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I got these beautiful Flirt! Squeeze Me Glosses from the "Product Fairy" and I adore them mucho galore!!! My favorite is actually the first one, Mighty Aphrodite, which really doesn't look that good on me...but I wuv anyway! I'm trying work it where I can wear it without looking like Foxy Brown. The colors, Nectar Fizz,Radical Raspberry, and Cherries Jubilee are a great little but not mini size and fun colors to tuck away in my jeans pocket. I can't put lip gloss in my handbag, they get missing in the pits of the "handbag monster" who also eats my loose change:)
Haulage ! Haulage! From Walgreens. I really need to stop buying makeup and buy some clothes for the summer which already here:) Just joking. Ew...I hate being hot. Haulage!:

WnW Mega Plump in Plum Desert

Wnw 3 Of A Kind Stick in Coy/Rose

Prestige Lash Matrix in Black

Loreal Professional Nail Polish in Chicklette( I bought because I love that name:))



yummy411 on 12:13 PM said...

lol.. i'm so with you on continuoulsy buying makeup, esp. since i know i'm just buying for spot, to have in the collection... that i might some day on a blue moon wear ..blah! oh.. you call your bag the handbag monster. i call mine the mary poppins bag, you know how she could dig to the end of eternity and pull out just about anything.. yes that's me! i had to stop buying big purses purposefully to stop collecting crap that i THINK i need!