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Last...Weekend Cooking...:)

Friday, November 09, 2007

I'm pretty blessed. My children are not picky eaters. They love veggies and will basically eat whatever I cook. Kel loves condiments, Honey Mustard and Hot Sauce! But Spencer doesn't like any condiments. That's as picky as it gets. I make this little side for us some times when I'm short on time and we are all tired and don't feel like waiting on a big meal. It's called a Caribbean Quicky, and the recipe is found in Culinarytherapy Cookbook by Beverly West. All it is a box of egg noodles cooked, mixed with shredded sharp cheddar cheese(a whole bag,1lb), a stick of butter or margarine, juice of two limes, salt and pepper, and dry red pepper flakes. Voila! Quick mac and cheese with a zip.
In other last weekend cooking news, I scooped these McCormick Grinders up at Big Lots for 1.40 a piece. A great kitchen to me is full of the essentials and above. I love having all the spices I need before I cook. One of these is a roasted sea salt. I've been putting it on everything:)



atiyah9369 on 5:51 PM said...

What are the names of the NYX Lipglosses? That recipe looks and sounds yummy.

rebelleBAP on 5:22 PM said...

The names are Beige Sparkle and Plum Sparkle.

atiyah9369 on 9:52 AM said...

Thanks! I will have to check out plum sparkle.