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Review: Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Ok I'll keep short a sweet on the Bare Escentuals Mineral foundation. I can't read long reviews on products...

-I paid $60 for the whole kit at Divas on Main in the 'Burg.They have a whole back room of the line...

-My kit has a Dark and Deep Color in it along with this psuedo-moisturizer( because it don't moisturize, so used something else then this, but a good lotion for oily skin) three brushes and this translucent powder.

-The brushes SHED LIKE CRAZY to be always"buffing" your face with them.

-It took me about three tries to mix the Deep and Dark colors to get something close to my skin color. It still looks a little ashen.

-I love that kabuki brush. But it sheds too.

-The "warmth" powder. A waste. WnW got better bronzers.

-The translucent powder( whatever its called)...NYC loose translucent powder for cheaper. But I like it.

Overall...Not a waste of money or time but not totally for me. But I haven't given up and I'm working it out each day.




yummy411 on 4:15 PM said...

thanks! i agree... i need quick reviews... i need to keep that in mind when writing mine =)

though if i've been crazy wondering about a product, a longer review is fine...

*scratcing my head* oh well

It's me Jamie... said...

Kia-Some long reviews are good. But I can be very longwinded( Is that one word) so I condense my reviews to vitually nothing. Plus I don't remember alot of what I want to type sometimes!