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Rural Glamourous Weekend...

Monday, April 28, 2008

What I listened to: Besides being on that new Mariah Carey all week, I picked up Songs of The Siren up at Starbucks and its crazy! I mean, you got Corrine Bailey Rae, Ayo, Feist, Keren Ann and other global sisters in music. I always get sucker into a Starbucks CD!
What I'm "painting": I have this fear of not being prepared for the summer season.I've been grocery shopping, loading up on chicken breasts, Pop-Tarts, reuse able grocery bags, soap, towels,paper towels, and toilet paper. Jesus, last summer got me so nervous that it will be the same as this summer. So, while I was at my favorite stop, Greene's Salvage, I picked up all of these not Essie,TS( Trade Secrets) and Creative nail lacquers for .50 each. I definitely won't run out of polishes this summer either.
What I "ran" up on: KLS Cosmetics at TJ Maxx. That lip palette at the bottom is so underrated because its really hot. The texture is just right and the pigments are beautiful.
And then this happened: I went back in the Greene's for my Mom and saw this brand new O.P.I. case sitting on the counter for $15.00 with the regular price tag still attached for 49.95. Copped it!!
And filled it up with the new polishes and clean out the old ones and packed up the fall/winter shades.




*B* Fab on 7:45 PM said...

I have to tell you! Your stories of your beauty overhauls make me, SLIGHTLY jealous!!! I go to my CVS and can't find NOT one deal like you do!!!

I was bored today at work and headed over to Starbucks(submliminal message, LOL!) AND CVS!! (another one!) and got a fattning java chip frap, no whip ofcourse and headed over to CVS so I too can have a beauty haul!

Well to no avail! I did however cop three hot new nail polish shades that I will be posting tom! I got one of the Tracey Reese designed nail colors!!!

Ok done with my mini blog on ur blog!

Have a fab night!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 3:39 PM said...

You know that no whip means you are saving like 100 calories from that drink, so good choice! lol!

I love Iced Chai Tea with Soy Milk on a hot day.:)

And after I read this, I went to three different drugstores looking for those Tracy Reece polishes and didn't find them.:(