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Monday, May 12, 2008

Besides finding great deals on kitchen gadgets, kids clothing and toys and beauty haulage, Marshall's also hits the spot on books. Like 2.99 books. I picked up FoodTo Live By:The Earthbound Organic Cookbook for 2.99 at Marshall's and I have been reading it from cover to cover. Not because I'm also a cookbook fiend, because it tells the story of the Earthbound Farm company and give great definitions and tips on shopping natural and organic. It even gives hyper comprehensive field guide to lettuce and greens! My favorite veggies!



Nemesis on 7:20 PM said...

Marshalls is the Debil as well..if my eyes weren't still dilated I would have stopped....and since the are still dilated I wont be headed over there...but baby...tomorrow it is on!!!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 7:16 PM said...

Have fun mama!