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Super Rave: Treat Beauty Sugar Paint Mineral Glaze

Monday, May 12, 2008

Quick Poll: Red Kool-Aid or Fruit Punch Kool-Aid? lol!!
Well, my lips enjoyed Treat Beauty's Sugar Paint Mineral Lip Glaze in Fruit Punch Saturday and Sunday. It smells like chocolate because its all natural and made of organic hotness and shine is super sexy!
I'm now needing that Brown Sugar and Pink Grapefruit in the "Diva" bag(aka my handbag) for the haul!


yummy411 on 10:40 AM said...

wow what a treat and crest commercial! wonderful gloss on you!

yummy411 on 10:47 AM said...

i can go to target for a bag of cotton balls and come out with $50 less than i had before walking in (same with cvs for that matter!)

cute clutches!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 7:16 PM said...

kia-Thanks! And I get caughtup in CVS too girl!

Michelle *Micki* on 9:06 AM said...

Your teeth are beauteous! I love the color. I always shy away from those types of colors 'cause I have a difficult time applying them perfectly. :)

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 2:35 PM said...

thanks Micki-Mae! And where have you been....hmmm!lol!