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Did you ROLL yo' hair?....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Something happened between the relaxer the time I put in my hair 6 weeks ago and three years ago( the period of being natural) but when I curl my hair, it holds no curl. I can curl it and it look fab and full but about hour later, it looks flat. I don't like flat hair...that's probably why I most likely will not buy a flat iron.

So asked around and found out that there is roller, Hype Hair Satin Rollers, that are covered in satin so I don't have use roller papers and gives me soft curls.

I found them at Wal-Mart and decided to hold off buying them. But then my Momma said she had some and that she didn't want them. So gave me her pack, the 12-ct pack, minus two of them. She had lost them.

I channeled my dear late Grandma, Mrs. Ida Jane( a women of fine penmanship and Aigner handbags) and my lovely LS, Jocelyn( who is a religious hair roller and lover of Tiffany silver jewelry) and got to rolling. Out came some really pretty soft curls that I loved. I played with them with my hair oil, Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, and it loosed them up a bit. I felt very going-to-the-sorority-meeting yesterday. And today I still got curls and didn't even roll it back up.:)



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Anonymous said...

I told you LS, it PAYS to be a roller! Old fashioned or not, you got your curls didn't you?! I will have to try these rollers. I'm mixing between old tymers sponge (for the shorter parts) and hard azz setting rollers (for the longer parts) of my new short hair do (Jocelyn circa 2000 with a little 08 edge). Love ya and a sista hadn't gotten any Tiffany's in a while...Ima need you to talk to my hubby about that! :-)