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The Switch Up...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I think the skin on my face is losing it. No, I think its a snob. It kinda hates the drugstore stuff because if I use a sample of a high end product it just blooms into the clear and gleamy. But, oh if I used a something under $10 it acts all foolish. That's what happened with the Phisoderm Cleanser.All of a sudden, my face looked as if it hadn't been washed after a washed it with the Phisoderm. So switched it up something else I found in a drugstore, in a CVS clearance buggy, that happily appears every blue moon down in these parts...Ambi Even & Clear Foaming Cleanser.

I like that it already foams and its really silky, smells yummy and leaves my face with a clean feeling. But I think the mug is catching on to the act because I have heat bumps around the edge of my hairline and on my forehead. WTF!??? Oh well, this is what tell the face,"Life changes, and we are not same girl we used to be, we are actually BETTER, so let go of the bougieness and get clear!"