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N.O.T. D.: Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today is the second anniversary of the day that my Daddy,Michael, went to Heaven to hang out with his brother and my Granny...I miss him soo much! It wasn't til' I was older that I realized I was a Daddy's Girl. I wanted so much for him to love me and be proud of me. When I was little I cry for hours because he would walk out the door to go somewhere and I couldn't go!! lol! I know that got on my mother's nerves!( hehe)

Today I'm wearing Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl. Y'all...this is actually a deep jelly like dark purple with purple sparkle but I couldn't get this camera to convey the color right. This pic above is outside...

And this one is inside.... I love it though... My Daddy would be like..."Your nails are growing." :)