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Shopping My Stash... mark.Toute Sweet Whipped Eye Shadow in Fluff and Flou....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ok...So I bought these, maybe two years ago, used them once, hated it, then tried to swap them off on MUA. No Avail..folks were not interested. I was cleaning out a drawer last weekend and there they were...sigh. I told myself "You are going work these out.":)
They are very souffle-ish. I actually love Fluff( left). Frou(right) looks like frosting. Everything "frosty" doesn't always translate to my skin well.

I put Fluff from the lashline to the crease and Frou from the crease to the lashline. I finally figured out that the best thing for applying cream shadows is a BRUSH. lol! I found a brush( in that same drawer) that was from a H.I.P. Paint tube that I had never used. So I used it. Worked like a charm!
( check out my freaky straight/curly lashes. No curler or curling mascara works... Help me!)

Now, what these pictures don't show it that its really streaky in color.Its formulation, after applied, has to dry up. So it looks streaky, which reminded me why I didn't like them in the first place...
Anybody own or owned these...let me know!