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Rural Glamour:Weekend N.O.T.D and Revlon Marble-ous Match...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi Everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was okay, blessed to be alive!!! I played in makeup and beauty goodies all weekend...preparing for a great week here on Rural Glamour.:)

I did this N.O.T.D. on Saturday. It's Revlon Black Lingerie. It's one of there new colors they've come out with. Revlon is stepping the game up in nail polish. Black Lingerie is creamy and glossy. It has no shimmer and its not flat colored. Best black nail color in my collection so far....Please get this if you see it, you will not disappointed!

I picked up Revlon Marble-ous Match in Steeling Beauty a couple of weeks ago. I decided to play with it last night and absolutely adore it!!! Its a shadow pencil on one end, liner on the other.

The shadow pencil end is very soft and it took about three layers to get intensity.I lined with the liner pencil end on the top and bottom and smudged the top to blend in the colors...

I need the other colors in the pencil. I got mine at Walgreens for like $2.40 clearance. It was the only color I want the other colors. Have you tried any of the Marble-ous Matches?


Anonymous said...

I picked this up yesterday at the Dollar Tree, but have yet to try it. They had 3 different combos.