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Review: Dove Clinical Protection in Original Scent...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The battle of the summer time sweat is on and I’m here to take charge on the battle lines!! I thought it was time to step it up on the sweat patrol and get prescription strength antiperspirant . I bought Dove Clinical Protection and so far I like it. This deodorant has directions, too! You must put on at night and then in the morning? Sometimes you can skip the morning application it says…. Take it from me…DO NOT SKIP. It will not hold you down. Plus, I still was sweating heavily regardless of the application. But the positive things that keeps me putting it on day after day (and I paid 7.88 for it, and going to use it up) is that is masks odor like a pro and I’m irritated applying it after shaving. I think I’ll skip buying it again. Anyone used ‘prescription strength’ antiperspirant?