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Review: Victoria's Secret Love Rocks Perfume....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

See this?!! I got this cute black clutch with 5 deluxe samples in it from Victoria's Secret for $15 with any beauty many great things to try and rock at a great price!! One of the goodies I was excited about wearing was the new scent Love Rocks.... Its the red roll on in the picture:).
According to the website, the notes for Love Rocks are:

Fragrance type: fruity floral

Top notes: bergamot, peony, raspberry sorbet

Middle notes: sandalwood flower, jasmine, peach nectar, plum, stephanotis

Low notes: golden amber, violet, cashmere musk, vanilla

Its described as a 'fruity floral' but I know an amber/bergamot/sandalwood based scent when I smell one!!! It's more spicy and oriental. I really didn't catch the floral on the initial application or on the dry down. Its reminded me of the Halle Scent...

But to have so many 'heavy' bases, its very light. Not overwhelming. You could discreetly wear this at night...subtle sexiness....

Overall, I like it but doubt I will invest in a full size. I have sooo many warm,spicy scents very similar to Love Rocks. Alot of companies are doing that warm " floral" thing now.....