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Review: Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powder in Bronzer....

Friday, February 18, 2011

 Hi Family!!!

Today I am reviewing Physician's Formula Happy Booster in Bronzer. When I saw these in Wal Mart I thought the packaging was sooo pretty. Then I started to  search around online and I noticed two things:

-People were saying that it was sold out everywhere.

-The lack of Women of Color reviewing them.

Now there are Happy Boosters in  Beige, Translucent, and Light Bronzer that are way way way too light for me. I can look at it in the packaging and tell that wouldve been $13 down the drain. So, I thought that the Bronzer shade would work better.
 Everything about this packaging is gorgeous!! The metallic pink double compact, the perfect sized mirror, the cute brush and the pretty hearts beautiful shades of  brown, gold, pink and bronze. Bravo PF!!

Physician's Formula also added a scent to this Bronzer. They tout it as "Violet"...but it smells more "Rose" to me.
 This a swatch of the bronzer...barely. Its not a heavy pigmented  bronzer but even on the  back of my hand, it barely shows up. It has a pretty golden sheen but if you are looking for a punch packed bronzer, this is not it.
 Can't see it can you. Yep. Happy Booster in Bronzer just blended right into my cheekbone. I wasn't disappointed, though. I could tell that was going to happen after I swatched it on my hand. Its shows up in real life, glowy and subtle. Great for the day time. The best part was that I could smell the Violet scent on my face, I liked that!


- I like Happy Booster in Bronze but I don't love it. Is it worth $13? Depends on what you like in a blush or bronzer. If you are looking for a subtle cheek shimmer, buy it. I'll probably play around with this some more.


Elena on 11:11 AM said...

The packaging is really pretty!

MochaMakeupLover on 11:34 AM said...

I purchased the blush in Natural and I actually like it alot! And the packaging is gorg!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 11:43 AM said...

MML- I haven't found the blushes!:( That's next on the agenda!