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~10 Day You Challenge~: Six Places....

Monday, August 01, 2011

I'm behind I know....:( I'm currently forcing myself to focused and get some things done. I'm such a procrastinator. smh

Six Places? like six places....

1) My Bed. I slept on a couch for three years out of fear. Sheer fear. So, I love the bed I currently sleep in. Wish it had a nice, clean, single, stable, brown skin, sexy man in it at night,in another house, of course.( picture not my bed:( )


2)The Mall. I love the mall but I'm picky...I like malls that give me what I want: great stores, great food, nice atmosphere, few teenagers.....

3) Tazmania- Blame Oprah. I want to go to Tazmania. How out of pocket is Tazmania?....its no Jamaica.

4)The WU- Love my alma mater but what I've been told, it doesn't even look like the same place I attended. At least my tuition money went to good use. I feel so at home on that yard.

5)A bathtub. Anytime of the day...I can find solace. ( not my tub either.)

6)Starbucks. I'm immediately happy when I see it in the horizon. lol