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~FOTD~ Smurfy Blues for the movie The Smurfs....

Monday, August 01, 2011

 I took the kids to see The Smurfs today....quiet as its kept....I wanted to see The Smurfs myself to throw some 80s baby shade at it. It was ok....I was kinds weirded out by Neil Patrick Harris and the actress who played his wife. Total blah....

So in the spirit of the movie and my emotional attachment to The Smurfs, I did a blue eye using:

The third blue shadow on the top row of the E.L.F. Smoky Eye Beauty Book
Sally Girl Eye Girl Shadow in Aqua ( the third blue in the quad)
Physician's Formula Gel Liner in Blue Eyes

Wearing my new Kiss New York Gloss in Lust....

I look like I have a hair piece on! lol! That's the way I manipulated the stretchy band around my puff.

Who else has seen The Smurfs Movie....Thoughts??? lol!