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~Fresh Coat~ E.L.F. Coral and Milani Jewel FX in Gems...

Monday, August 01, 2011

I was watching Mally Roncal on QVC last Thursday and she was wearing a light pink opaque pink, almost coral but was a shimmer....polish. lol! I thought to myself "I haven't worn any pink like that in years". Blame all these shades on blue, green, and grey. This picture of her has her wearing a color very similar to the one she was wearing on QVC

I dug through my stash and found E.L.F. nail polish in Coral. Its a bit deeper but probably better for my skin tone.

I did my ring finger in one of my unworn bottles of  polish, Milani Jewel FX in  Gems. I just dabbed the glitter on to get the opaque-ness, this is not "brush strokes" of glitter, just "dabbing" and piling it on. I'll regret it when I'm trying to take it off this week.