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~Hair~ Carol's Daughter Hair Products ( Christmas Present!)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

One of my beauty resolutions ( post coming soon!!) is to do more natural hair blogging ( again). Yep, I've made this "resolution" and "goal" before but I never do much of it. There are so many awesome natural hair bloggers and vloggers that I love and respect out there that I don't feel like its my lane. However, we all have different experiences with our hair and everyone can contribute to the natural hair journey in some sort of way.

Perhaps my experience, type of hair ( kinky, 4b-4c, porous, medium density), and reviews will help someone along the way? So what do you say????!!! Let's get started!

I received this AMAZING gift of Carol's Daughter hair goodies for Christmas...I was too geeked because I stan for Carol's Daughter. Alot of naturals don't because they don't do "all -natural" or they're not "cheap" or folks don't agree some the business decisions they have made. However, I love their body products( Almond Cookie, Goddess Flower, Roses and Honey and on and and have had some hit and misses on their hair products.

I washed my hair and DC'd ( Deep Conditioned) with the Monoi Repairing Hair Mask then I did a Bantu knot out with the Healthy Hair Butter and Mimosa Hair Honey. The next day I took it down with a bit of Tui Moisturizing Hair Oil on my hands....

The results:

Monoi Repairing Hair Mask- One of the best DCs I've EVER had!! My hair was soo soft and smelled amazing. I used the .71 sample that I had and it covered my whole head. Over the week, my hair felt strong from the treatment and I saw no signs of breakage. It does contain a protein ( Hydrolyzed Silk) but its the 18th ingredient down the its a fairly light protein treatment. My hair thrives on protein treatments, because its porous. I will be buying a FULL SIZE of this product!!!

Healthy Hair Butter: Smelled amazing as well and kept my hair moisturized for days. I didn't have to moisturize my hair for three days. It was super soft and shiny. Its great for  pairing with the  Mimosa Hair Honey for a twist out, it contains shea butter and beeswax for an great hold and definition. Its also has glycerin ( for those who are glycerin "sensitive" in the winter months). My hair is neither here nor there with glycerin any time of the year, so it didn't effect my hair at all.

Tui Moisturizing Oil: Great for shine and separating the knots with out tons of frizz. Matter of fact my hair wasn't frizzy at all for days and the shine was crazy to me! That just goes to show I was using the wrong stuff on my hair because my hair was so glossy that it looked as though I had put a rinse in.

I will say that I wasn't very comfortable with an ingredient that is used in most of these products called Corn Oil. I didn't find much on it other than it is an emulsifier and hair conditioner. It shows up on all these products around the the first, second or third ingredient.

I will be reordering the Hair Mask!

Have you tried any of the products above? Let me know your experiences!


socialitedreams on 7:14 PM said...

i've never cared for their hair products but do like the body stuff :)

LC on 1:25 PM said...

Do you think this would work on my hair?

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 8:02 PM said...

Socialitedreams- I've had hits and misses with the hair products, but I finally got some that work.

LC- Hey doll! I would first assess your hair for you need or would like for hair to look and feel like. Curly? More moisture? Then got to CD site and check out what products you need. If you need more help, let me know!!