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~Haul~ New 2012 Wet N' Wild Cosmetics....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Losing on my 60-day no-buy challenge....clearly its a "challenge"!...there are some wins and loses. I went all week til' I decided to go in Walgreens and it was cheap makeup I haven't seen/new magazine heaven. Spent $20 on makeup and a magazine. But tomorrow is a new day. I woke this morning with this affirmation:

"Only good lies before me and there's nothing that important out there that I need to buy":)

Repetition is the mother of success, right?

On to the haul....:)

I got  five new Wet N' Wild shades including two of the new MegaSheild colors

(left to right) Cherry Picking, Purty Persimmon, Don't Blink Pink, Within These Adobe and Bare-ly Legal.
(left to right) Cherry Picking, Don't Blink Pink, Purty Persimmon....

I saw on this blog that some these shade were comparable to MAC lippies...including Purty Persimmon, which is a close dupe to MAC Morange.

**That is one of the draws to me of cheap/drugstore makeup, some of it dupeable or close to dupeable and its much more affordable. But the negatives are sometimes, lack of quality and you spend all these little amounts of money, after awhile it all adds up to the amount you couldv'e use to purchase the real thing. Just my thoughts.**

Wet N' Wild has some of the shoddiest packaging. I almost broke two of the sticks in half trying to get the top off.
Wearing Cherry Picking today....gorgeous satine berry red.....
MegaSheild Lip Color in Within These Adobe Walls and  Bare-ly Legal.

Adobe Walls is too light for my complexion and Barely Legal is a pretty nude. Absolutely no longevity of product, I had a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, looked down and my whole mouth was on the cup! Plus I broke both sticks, trying to get the cap off, they are very soft, so be careful when purchasing.
I  also got one of those huge bronzer compacts they replaced the old bronzers with. Bikini Contest is a spot on match for my complexion. I'm sure I will use this alot in the summer, but I've used it for the last two days, and I love it.
I only got one of the new singles...Stagedive...too bright to pass up.

Swatches of  Stagedive and Bikini Contest....I'm trying to embrace swatching more.:)


Rai on 7:44 PM said...

Oooh I can't wait to get some of this stuff. Cherry Picking looks AMAZING on you!

adthenshesmiled on 10:01 PM said...

That color looks great on your lips! So pretty!